Albury Wodonga Tap Dance At Murray Youth Performing Arts

Come and join in the fun of tap dancing with one of our tap dance lessons at Murray Youth Performing Arts Albury Wodonga.

What is tap dancing? Small metal plates on a tap dancers shoes create an audible, percussive sound known as ‘tapping’. Performed with or without music, tap dancing is metric and distinct, fun and, fast rhythms.

Tap dance became popular from mistrel shows in the 19th century. It essentially derives from a number of sources, including the traditional clog dance of northern England, which requires no accompanying music, traditional Irish and Scottish step dances, and even African dances, which involve much rhythmic foot stamping to drumming. Even Spanish flamenco is thought to be a precursor to Tap, where the sound of the rhythm of the dancers’ steps is essential to the performance.

During the first half of the 20the century, Tap dance flourished throughout the US. It was at this time that Tap was performed mainly to jazz music, earning it the alternative name ‘Jazz dance’.

Tap dancing has the distinction of being a uniquely American art form, and its influence spreads far and wide across American performance art culture. From Fred Astaire to the Hoofer Club in Harlem to the 39th Annual Grammy Awards, tap has enthralled audiences for most of the 20th century and continues to do so in the current one.

Tap dancing has evolved considerably to become the art form we know today. Come along and join in the fun at one of our tap dance lessons. Give us a call to discuss the best dance class for you.